Centre of Quake at the Ruling Party of Nepal

Centre of Quake at the Ruling Party of Nepal

Kathmandu.  Right now the Centre of Quake in Nepali Politics has been seen at the Communist Party of Nepal, the Ruling Party of Nepal. Trembling created by the statement opposing the US intervention issued by Prachand , one of the Chairman of Party, doesn't seem rest easily. This includes the issues like change of government, change of system and concerns of Maoist movement.


Prachand expressed dissatisfaction about the delay in delivery of the provisions enshrined in the Federal Democratic Republican Constitution of Nepal from the government led by the Chairman of Party and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli.


Instantly, countering Prachand PM Oli said that all should flow the ways defined by constitution as it had defined such ways.


Such confrontation between two chairmen of the Ruling Party has created doubt about the process of party unification and the prosperity of Nepal.


Stability, development and prosperity are impossible till the national political settlement. Thought of Prachand is seen centered at the mandate of the democratic and communistic movements. If the mandate is not honored the whole country will again fall in political transitional crisis.


To achieve this goal the unity of all leaders including PM Oli and chairman Prachand is required. 


Questions raised by Prachand


Prachand says ,'If the conspiracy of destroying Maoist in country hatches, it will reborn Maoist and again here will be arm struggle. If it happens again here, the country will not bear the burden of another civil war. Then Madhesh will go on way and Pahad will go another way. Situation of the country will go beyond control. The new peace accord will not be easy as it was held previously. All the issues are mandate of Maoist and Madhesh Movement. If the rights of federal, republic, secular and proportional

inclusiveness are not honored honestly here will be an imaginable political accident. These are not against former UML party. If government goes against the mandate of people, it will be ignoring concerns Prachand. The Party and government won't run easily.


Pity of tiers of government


Rights of centre have not been distributed to provinces and local bodies of Nepal as provisioned in the constitution. The conflicts of its burden can be measured easily by the behavior between the Federal Government and the Government of Provinice no-2. Issues of other provinces have been seen dormant because majority held by the Ruling Party. But this won't be prolonged.


Even the clear demarcation of the rights is not seen between the Federal Government and Provincial Government and Local Government.


Geopolitical sensitivity


Nepal is not only landlocked country it is also geopolitically a more sensitive country. Nepal is a sandwich between two emerging countries China and India at political and economical forum of the world. Nepal requires being alert and expert in handling geopolitical issues without any delay. Without an absolute settlement in national politics country may lose its degree of national independency.


Symptoms were seen some weeks ago when Asia Pacific Summit was held in Nepal. After that UN with western countries drew attention about the issues of transitional justice issuing a joint statement. The US showed efforts placing Nepal at cockpit of Indo-Pacific Strategy. If one can forget the US intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria but intervention in Venezuela is facing to us.


Doubts created between two chairmen


Doubts in the understanding of national and international issues are seen created between two chairmen Oli and Prachand. About Venezuelan issue both are at a point differs only at the level of expression. The conspiracy of creating fight between two chairmen has been planned to be hatched. According to high level source of PM House, Baluatar, Narayankaji Shrestha host meeting at his residence where Prachand, Madhav Nepal ,Jhalnath Khanal and Bamdev Gautam were invited. Why? Madhav and Narayankaji both have against government and party and why did now Prachand join the gang?


No alternative of unity


To achieve the prosperity of country and to establish the process of unification at lowest level of party, for the two chairmen, there is no alternative of shaking hands. Both should do for the sake of country throwing their individual ambitions and interests.